Monday, May 4, 2009

Behind The Response to My Big A Story

1 ) I mean atheist.  The big A story, though, is about another A word.

2)  The bastard deserved it.  He didn't buy me a birthday present even after our children begged him to take them to the mall to pick out something from them.   That's right.  Begged him repeatedly.  Not even cake or a card.  And I did natural childbirth, people.  3X.  And extended breastfeeding.  A total of  48 months.

So I started drinking and bloghopping that night.  Alone. Yes, a bad sign, I know.  Then friends showed up unexpectedly--Couple and then Third Friend Mostly Spouse's. And then Spouse came home. 

We all drank together and soon I was crying into my Two-Hearted Ale. Literally.  I felt like a complete idiot spewing our lack of a two-hearted marriage and worried the next day that our friends wouldn't be around us any longer.

But the next day, we were invited over to the couples' house for dinner.  Wife gave me a wonderful plant.  Husband burned me a Flogging Molly CD.  When I returned home, I found that Third Friend Mostly Spouse's had left a book for me called Emptiness Dancing by Adyashanti. (I may be godless, but I'm not without spirit).


After two years of breastfeeding you didn't think I'd show my cleavage, did you? That would take a Blog Behind The Blog Behind The Blog.


  1. Yaay. I'm your first follower.
    Also... present on its way to you. Though sadly I found my colored pencils and other package decorating accoutrements Sunday night after I'd already mailed it so it won't arrive looking like the Electric Mayhem bus, which I would have preferred. Next time.

  2. Thanks for telling it straight over here but that Hilary picture is making my eyes hurt!

  3. Flogging Molly - Your friends have good taste in music.

  4. That's just bull...The ex and I always take our son out to buy a B-Day present for the other and Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Why not do that for the kids.

    I dig Hill...But man, I'd have rather seen your cleavage. Cheers Meg!!

  5. I'm so glad you're doing this! Already in my Reader, and looking forward to it.
    Thanks for all your support. Your comments today meant a lot to me.

  6. After 48 months of breastfeeding you deserve a nobel prize!

  7. Men can be such A-holes eh! You have some good friends there,look after them.

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